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                Welcome to Zhejiang Haoyue Textile Technology Co.,Ltd. !
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                Add: No.8, Tianshun Road, Tudian Industrial Park, Tongxiang, Zhejiang, China.

                General manager: Jinkui Su

                Mobile: +86-13356062108

                Tel: +86-573-88863488



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                Zhejiang Haoyue Textile Technology Co.,Ltd. is located in Tongxiang, known as China’s Textile Town.Since its foundation, Yidong has accumulate more than ten year’s professional experiences in the field of the textile.Our company realizes the one-stop production of the products including weaving,dyeing,foiling and lamination.Our factory has a good fame in the line.We mainly manufacture and sell the sofa fabric, garment material and home textile products.

                Our company upholds development philosophy that is “Honesty and Win-win”,then creates an atmosphere of friendly and positive. It lays the foundations for rapid development .We always carry out the "good faith, customer first" sales philosophy, the company abides by the contract, pays attention to quality and achieves efficient management standards.

                Our company’s major products are functional fabrics like suede, velboa.We also deal with the deep processing cloth like the suede’s printing,foiling embroidery, PU ,TC lamination and super soft velboa burnout, embossing, crepe, pattern stamping and TC lamination. 

                Our company takes printing,foiling,embossing, burnout,lamination and water-washing as its major characters. The craft is already very mature and stable,and the products’ quality is very reliable. The company pays great attention to the products’ quality and takes quality as the company’s lifeline. It strictly ensures that every sector from the purchase of the raw materials, the production of the materials and fabrics to the quality inspection. We keep improving on every process and every sector.

                Our company has 5 production streamlines for the process of PTEE, TPU films,hot melt adhesive, flame sponge, and glue laminating machines,using the most advanced laminating techniques-- lamination of porous membranes, sponge and glue, with the daily productivity of 30,000 meters. After lamination, the products have the advantages of water-proofing, ventilation and stable physical performance with its soft hand feel,high peeling strength, resistance to water-washing,environmental .

                The company’s products position is on the medium and high-grade.The products have outstanding cost efficiency and are deeply trusted and adored by the domestic and foreign customers. They are sold to home and abroad .

                We warmly welcome the domestic and foreign customers to cooperate with our company to seek opportunities for shared success!

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